We believe peoples’ well-being in school communities matters,

if we want our homes and schools to be healthy, happy environments

where IB students can thrive. 

This is an online event created for parents, teachers and school leaders in schools that offer the IB Diploma.

Over 7 days, 14+ experts will talk about how we can reduce our stress levels, as well as those of our students and kids.

Interviews go live on October 27th 2018, which is when the summit starts. 

 This is a free event, so all you need to do is register below, so as to get notified once the summit begins, and to be informed once the details of dates and times of when interviews will be published are finalized. 

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You’ll get to chance to hear effective, practical well-being advice for parents, teachers and school leaders, from… 

  • a Head of School in Hong Kong who’s created a course that thoughtfully embeds well-being education into the mainstream school curriculum.

  • two Youth Mentors from the Institute of Mindful Mentoring, who’ll be sharing their vision for more mindful 21st century school communities.

  • a highly motivated IB Coordinator in Mexico who’s successfully helping parents raise grateful kids through a post-IB exams “Thank You Parents” event.

  • a Child Psychologist who’s daughter recently completed the IB Diploma. He will be talking about what parents can do to help their child achieve psychological independence, in preparation for university.

  • a former Head of the IB Diploma (for the IBO), who’ll be sharing his experiential knowledge of how leaders can win the hearts and minds of those who doubt the value of well-being initiatives in schools.

  • a certified EQ Assessor who is also an IB Business teacher, and Head of the Business and Economics department in an IB school in Athens. 

  • a former IB teacher who taught IB Economics for 25 years and a mother of two who completed the IB highly successfully. 

  • an Image Consultant, who shares her top tips on how parents and teachers can create a capsule wardrobe where you always look put-together, while at the same time reducing your morning stress (and overcoming the “shopping therapy” stress response!).

  • a 5th Grade Teacher in Cairo, who believes we need to start embedding stress reduction education into the mainstream school curriculum, well in advance of the IB Diploma (…who’s also leading by example by walking her talk, including teaching her students how to tap away the stress through the EFT technique)

  • a school leader working in a school that offers the IB Diploma who has successfully piloted a way of educating students to become more aware of the addictive nature of their phones (without needed to resort to punishments, threats or consequences).

  • a certified Life Coach who works with parents and youths to help them learn how they can live life on their terms, so that they improve their quality of life.

  • an educator who has found that Mindfulness has enhanced the calm and empowerment in her life, which in turn radiates to her students.

  • an Honorary Professor, currently based in the UK (past experiences: teacher, educational psychologist, academic, author of 20 books for teachers), who is an internationally respected authority on all aspects of school and student well-being. 

  • an educator who’ll be talking about her success with using tapping (EFT) as a tool to help her students feel less stressed about tests and exams.

  • an expert in mindfulness and self-compassion who’ll be walking you through a mindful self-compassion meditation. 

  • a women’s leadership mentor who talks about what she calls a global “self-bullying epidemic” amongst high achieving girls.

  •  a Brain Gym Specialist who walks us through 2 practical stretches and self-massage tools for decreasing stress and increasing focus, in under 5 minutes.

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This is the first ever online conference where parents, teachers and school leaders in schools that offer the IB Diploma can learn about effective, practical ideas for how to help yourself, and/or the people in your school community to stress less to success…and enjoy life more! 

Plus, you can save time and do so from the comfort of your home, without needed to go get on a flight or disrupt your daily routine.

You also get to choose which topics and interviews interest you the most, based on your particular situation or personal interests.

When we were planning the interviews, some of my speakers were surprised to learn that I’m giving away such high-value training for free

But I want everyone who cares about the issue of school and student well-being to be able to have access to these inspiring interviews.

 I care too much about the global well-being crisis taking place in school communities right now to limit this to the people who can afford it (or to the teachers who have the time and energy to ask for whether their schools’ leadership team would be happy to pay for them to take part, as part of their CPD).

There are kids right now doing the IB, all over the world, who’re suffering from chronic stress. And there are things we can do to help them learn how to stress less to success.

We all know that kids learn from what they see us doing, as opposed to what we tell them to do.

Imagine what would happen to relationships between people, the quality of student learning, and the quality of a school’s culture, if we took our well-being skills (as well as the knowledge of how to build well-being teaching into the school curriculum), up to the next level…

All emails include an “Unsubscribe” link. You may opt-out at any time. See our privacy policy.